The Selfish Meme: Libertarian Crybabies and Their Beige Sense of Entitlement

by cemeteryjones

I cannot understand how this sort of libertarian cry-baby Randroid can feel dignified about their political priorities. Avid neo-colonials like this want Maori to ‘move on’ and stop dwelling upon the injustices which stem from not only the dispossession which followed contact and settlement, but also the subsequent institutional smothering of their language and culture. To the libertarian, state-funded social programs which could actually help struggling Maori (or non-Maori) poor can never be accepted as having any other outcome than a continuation of ‘dependency’ and ‘entitlement.’

These nutters are only satisfied when the poor or the underprivileged are actually suffering, and the only social changes they’re happy to see instituted are those that increase that suffering, because to the selfish libertarian a good dose of Calvinistic misery is what the poor deserve. After all, they’re poor, they need to be fucking punished just for existing, and their lives have to be obviously miserable because otherwise they’d all choose to remain poor and then where would we be? It sounds stupid because it is, but you see this attitude over and over again, every time you hear one of these fuckwits whinging about the very social programs that are designed—however imperfectly—to fix the long-term institutional imbalances that cause poverty.

In the New Zealand context, this is at its worst when the Randroids (and the talkback-radio-addled go-getters who find their poorly researched, angsty grammar school teen philosophy convincing) somehow manage to perform the psychological gymnastic feat of feeling heartbroken about ‘their’ country  being ‘given away’ to the ‘Maoris.’ You know, the ones whom it was stolen from in the first place. It is without so much as a hint of irony that such pronouncements are made, confirming once and for all my suspicion that Ayn Rand, along with anyone who ever found her convincing, must surely be on the autistic spectrum. Actually, that’s an insult to autistic people—it’s not a lack of empathy these sort of libertard scumbags show, but an active, sneering spitefulness. How else do you describe someone who can say, with a straight face, that it’s unfair to try and redress massive historical injustices and continuing oppression?

Their entire system of thought is based around feeling entitled to have a crywank about how their taxes are the only thing stopping them from retiring to St. Tropez, and/or attacking marginalised and impoverished people for their supposed fixation upon entitlements. It’s like someone compiled all those ‘first world problem’ Reddit memes, and used them to build an ideology where you get to cry and pout about your taxes as if nothing could possibly be so important, and accuse people with real problems keeping a roof over their heads or their bills paid of having a sense of entitlement when they point out how much harder you’re making it for them to do what you apparently want them to do.

Here’s an idea: Don’t like the government working to redress injustice? Fuck off to Somalia for a year, then write me an essay on how less government is freer and fairer.