Hope for libertarians? First-world problems, second-rate ideologies.

by cemeteryjones

We called it the other week, and now the Herald agrees. Well, kind of.

As rumours swirl around the land that the Libertarianz party are contemplating a profile-boosting convival alliance with the ACT machine, libertarian crybabies can dry their eyes at the news that first-world problems are all the rage right now:

Slow internet access is New Zealand’s number one “first world problem”, a survey has found.

According to the UNICEF NZ and UMR Research survey, 80 per cent of respondents complained about waiting for websites to load.

Next on Kiwis’ gripe list was not being able to find something in the supermarket (65 per cent), followed by bad tasting fruit (55 per cent), getting a terrible haircut (42 per cent), the TV remote not working (36 per cent), having to move to get mobile coverage (34 per cent), the barista not making coffee how you like it (31 per cent), not being able to access email or the internet (31 per cent), your couch being comfortable (21 per cent) and not being able to win a game on your mobile phone or console (21 per cent).

UNICEF are hoping that the campaign will draw attention to ‘real world problems affecting kids and their families in the developing world’. We here at the Plutocracy’s Useful Idiots are betting that the more likely outcome is that if the bastard child of this Randroid union can get its act together, there are a hell of a lot of suckers weaned on white entitlement whose votes are up for grabs like so  much low-hanging fruit.