Dear Brenda Spiller (derp, derp, derp . . . )

by Consul Firmin

Your claim that there is institutional racism in New Zealand favouring Māori over Pakeha would be laughable if it wasn’t so embarrassing and sad.

It’s sad that our education system has failed you to such an extent that you can believe something like this, when, just, y’know, for example: between 2007 and 2011, on average, 1 in 6 Pakeha children lived in poor households, while during the same period, 1 in 3 Maori children lived in poor households; 51.3% of the prison population is Maori; Maori have the poorest health status of any ethnic group in New Zealand; a larger proportion of Maori youth are out of work or not in education than any other ethnic group; the Maori unemployment rate in the year to June 2012 was more than double that of all other people; according to the Encyclopedia of NZ, in 2001 47% of Māori households owned their homes, while 72.8% of European households did so; the incidence of cancer between 2002-2006 was 20% higher for Maori than non-Maori, while cancer mortality was 80% higher for Maori; Rates of admission for infectious diseases in Pacific Islander and Maori populations are respectively 2.35 and 2.15 times higher than the for NZ Europeans and other ethnic groups; Māori children are nearly 30% more likely to be admitted to hospital and twice as likely to die from “avoidable conditions”; Māori women under 25 years have almost double the unemployment rate of European women; Māori women are at three times higher risk of partner violence than women overall.

Yeah, institutional racism: it sure is tough being Pakeha.