The Young Nats Ball: Idiocy, Polyester Suits, and Accidental Fascist Salutes

by Consul Firmin

Going to the Young Plutocrats Nats Ball would have been sooo fun! I’m sad that I didn’t get invited, because not only did I miss out on the pleasure of this guy‘s company (I’m not a gypsy or a homosexual, so he wouldn’t have hated me), but I also got to miss out on seeing the Prime Minister of this country make an idiot out of himself. Again. Luckily, these guys are so incompetent they don’t even know how to manage the privacy settings on their Facebook page, so, wayhey:

This, however, is my favourite of the night:

I’d almost feel sorry for this wee guy, if he wasn’t so obviously a complete douchecanoe. Ho hum.

What I’d love to know though, is if the person in charge of the Young Nat’s Facebook account had a squizz at these images before he or she uploaded them all to an open account? If not, they’re clearly an idiot. If so, then presumably there are photos out there that are worse than this one. Hilarious.

EDIT: The photo above has been taken down in the last half hour–much like Aaron Letcher’s Facebook. Can’t think why.