. . . continued

by Consul Firmin

Gordon Campbell writes brilliantly as usual on the Nats’ employment law changes, but I have one question: is he cutting the National government too much slack? Maybe we’re supposed to read between the lines here, but it seems like he’s explaining the Nats’ decisions simply in terms of their incompetence. For example:

Given all the social and economic problems facing New Zealand thanks to the precarious state of the economy and the job market, why is the Key government choosing to make the jobs of the people working in rest homes less secure, and even more poorly paid than they are now? What it suggests is that the centre right really doesn’t have a clue about how to grow an economy. All they do is to throw freebies to business in the form of tax breaks and regressive labour laws. Again, we’re seeing more 19th century solutions for 21st century problems from this government.

This is damning, but I can’t help feeling it’s not damning enough; I don’t think National are slashing protections for workers and removing their rights in a desperate attempt to make conditions better for the workers themselves, I think they’re doing this to make life easier for their fellow plutocrats in big business. This isn’t incompetence, it’s malice and greed.