“60 People, Mainly Middle-Aged Men”

by Consul Firmin



I’m sorry, that’s undignified. But not nearly as undignified as the sight that greeted Ansell on Saturday. Sixty-odd doddery old racists gathering to whine about Maori “privilege” [sic] and whinge about how “their” [sic] land has been given away to “the Maoris” [sic].
I’m heartened by this news. It could hardly be further from the “groundswell” of public support that Ansell has been predicting. It’s good to know that at least blatant racism is gasping its last.


Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ansell’s had some sort of conversion, and is now actively working for the other side. This latest round of lectures he’s engaging in seem perfectly calculated to bring about (even more) widespread public ridicule onto Ansell, his followers, and their beliefs. Well done John!