Outsource Nation: Is this National’s idea of a tribute to Maggie Thatcher?

by cemeteryjones

According to the Herald, the Government plans to close all hospital kitchens across New Zealand and outsource the making of hospital meals, which will cost 1300 jobs nationwide.

I thought the libertards liked being able to tell people to get a real job? At this rate, there won’t be any left by the time this government leaves office gets thrown the fuck out.

The article continues:

“The kitchen closures have been proposed by Crown company Health Benefits Limited (HBL), who were set up by the Health Ministry to make savings within the public health service.”

How wonderfully deniable.

“It is believed a multinational consortium will run the kitchens that provide the meals that will be delivered chilled to hospitals, who will then reheat and deliver them to patients.

The process will no longer involve the DHB, but will be controlled by the contractor.”

Of course it will be a multinational – we wouldn’t want to do something silly, like encouraging a local company to take over production on site and take on extra staff to handle it. That might lead to some of those 1300 people being able to continue living and working in the same area, without the need for relocation. Much easier to have all the meals made in one place by a smaller workforce, never mind the problems we already have getting people into full time work. Besides, surely there’s nothing to cure what ails you and speed up recovery like some microwaved soy protein in cornflour gravy.

As always, they save the best bit for the end:

“It is unclear if the consortium will be responsible for hiring staff to reheat the food at the hospital.”

Of course it is.  Would we really expect this to have been throught through from end to end before it is announced? We can’t have decision makers or the management of outsource contractors being held accountable. I bet they plan to make the nurses do it. That way they can cook up a controversy and try to turn the public against their union when nurses inevitably protest at being made responsible for the safe and hygenic service of airline food. These assholes know exactly what they are doing.


According to their own website, Health Benefits Ltd. claim that “HBL is committed to working with DHBs to establishing communication channels with staff and making information available when it is certain” [italics mine].  While unemployment for 1300 people is certain, it would seem that responsibility for the safe and hygenic service of microwaved airline food is not.