Rainmake Your Way Out Of This One, Banksie: NZ’s Own ‘Downtown’ Clay Davis Gets Served

by cemeteryjones

Act Party leader John Banks will be called to court to answer allegations that he knowingly received donations to his Super City mayorship campaign from internet mogul Kim Dotcom and SkyCity but recorded them as anonymous.

I didn’t think anything was going to top the humour of Banksie’s massively insincere attempt to get onside with public opinion and make ACT voters believe that he has in fact had his own road to Damascus conversion to the Libertarian ideology of the party he leads.

The only time he even comes close to sounding convincing is the bit where he claims someone called him ‘Banksie’ in a text message.

From the looks of the Herald article, we are going to get the painstaking humour of Banksie’s rainmaking drawn out for the amusement of all of us:

A commercial lawyer for Dotcom, Gregory Towers, told police that he called Mr Banks after Dotcom was arrested on a warrant from the US.

Mr Towers said Dotcom needed medical attention and asked Mr Banks to help.

According to Mr Towers, Mr Banks said he could not help because doing so could have “potentially adverse effects” for Dotcom, in light of his support of Mr Banks’ mayoral campaign.

Brilliant. This really is gonna be shits and giggles!