The Price of PRISM

by cemeteryjones

With the GCSB scandal still bubbling away beneath the surface of the NZ media’s ossified brain-crust, the PRISM revelations have provided a useful push in emphasising the importance of the issue of surveillance and privacy. Most comment to date in the NZ MSM has been limp to say the least, while the blog-right has largely offered apologist coverage at best.

Thankfully, local sites like the standard and the daily blog have been keeping this one alive, at least in terms of its relevance to wider issues of privacy and democracy.

However, I do feel that the mood is darkening unecessarily, and resistance with a little light heartedness must prevail. So without further ado, I would like to bring our readers’ attention to a most excellent project, which kicks off globally today (12/06/2013) at 7PM NZT. A well timed smile in the face of the death machine, Operation Troll the NSA is superior to any spy programme in asserting and supporting what it is we supposedly cherish about the ‘Western’ world and its democratic, open societies. PRISM is not the price we should be willing to pay for freedom. In fact, it exemplifies everything we should seek to be free from.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us troll the NSA!