I tell you, those journos, mate: Lefties. Socialists. All of ’em.

by cemeteryjones

Looks like the Whale Army are right about all those lefties in the media; now it’s Hilary Barry who has been outed as a socialist. At least, I think she has; I mean, she wouldn’t be one of those National or ACT voters in NZ public life who is willing to dip her hand in the public cookie jar, would she? After all, if she were a National or ACT voter, but happily accepted ratepayer money for a trip to the yachting, well….

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Vampire Socialists: “Be one of us, Hilary”

A spokeswoman for MediaWorks, Rachel Lorimer, said as part of Barry’s news coverage of the Cup, the network let her MC an event for Ateed. In lieu of the usual fee, Ateed helped with her travel expenses.

Oh how lovely for MediaWorks; and Hilary Barry, of course.

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Artist’s Impression: DPF and Slater react to reports of another socialist in ‘the media’.