You know what? There’s only one person who needs to get out around here – see you in November!

by cemeteryjones

According to the Prime Minister, the author of the Salvation Army’s conclusions on declining housing affordability ‘needs to get out more’. I’m sure that people saving for a first home who just saw the minimum LVR doubled so that the government didn’t have to make any hard decisions which could potentially change the game for property investors would love to do so themselves.

David Cunliffe: “I think it’s the commute to Helensville that’s getting him down, Mr Speaker.”

If you want to know what a select-fire tax-free plutocracy looks like, then here’s a ‘Top 10’ that the party who brought you the ‘rock star economy’ would rather not draw your attention to (hint: it isn’t the one that he got to read out on Letterman).

Just think how much less the government would be borrowing if these troughers paid as much tax on the rental income as you, your family, and your friends pay on your food.