Never mind his mind, what’s on John Key’s iPod?

by cemeteryjones

The contents of politicians’ iPods became an election year staple in recent years, and we’d like to revive the trend. In light of today’s developments, we’d like to explore the contents of John Key’s iPod. On the back of an institutional scandal, John has gone indie, if not downright underground. Let’s call it a Beehive top five; a quick flick through this morning’s playlist reveals that John is spinning tunes from the following greats of the genre:

Number one: Joy Division – She’s Lost Control.


Number two: Magazine – Shot by Both Sides.


Number three: The Fall – Lie Dream of a Casino Soul.


Number four: Gang of Four – Damaged Goods.


And finally, number five: Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach for my Revolver.